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The White Mill was built in 1760 and still has most of its original wooden machinery. Windmill: Restored between 1960 – 1981. The Engine House: Restored in 1995, contains a Lister petrol engine which can be used to drive a Plate Mill to grind corn into flour. The Miller’s Cottage: Built in the 1830’s, and outbuildings are a rare survival of a complete milling site. Run for almost 100 years by the Stanley family, the windmill was supplying flour and animal food throughout the Victorian era, and worked on until 1957. The Museum is housed in the Miller’s Cottage and other buildings surrounding the mill. There are exhibits of Farming and Craft tools, Kitchen & Laundry equipment, plus a complete Wheelwright’s workshop and a Blacksmith’s workshop complete with forge. Photographs show Victorian Farm workers and local people 100 years ago and there are many displays of agricultural and other craft equipment. Why not visit the White Mill Rural Heritage Centre, we are open all year round.

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We have a small dedicated group of volunteers, who run and maintain the Mill and Heritage Centre. Each has their own particular skill. We are always looking for new people so if you are able to give a small amount of your time, each month, we would llike to hear from you Volunteering can be Stewarding; helping with maintenance or working with us ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure the smooth running of the Centre. There is no time commitment, you can give as much or as little of your time that you are able. Being a volunteer means you have the opportunity to take part in Centre events and work with our current team of essential volunteers, you can even have free tea and coffee when you are working! The Centre is open to the public 52 weeks of the year and opens Sunday, Tuesday & Friday mornings from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm and from Easter until mid September Sundays & Bank Holiday Mondays from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm. If you would like to find out more, let us have your details and tell us which areas of assistance interest you by contacting us – Telephone: 07900 531 284 Email:

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White Mill is a smock mill which retains its original wooden machinery and was restored between 1960 and 1961 by millwright Vincent Pargeter. It is surrounded by the original outbuildings and millers cottage. See the ‘maps’ page for a map of the site. Although not a working windmill the machinery is kept in top condition and the sails are being refitted. Visitors are able to go inside the windmill and view displays of agricultural machinery and equipment in the base, aswell as seeing the actual mill machinery. Inside cottage Although, for many, the Mill is the most striking part of their visit and certainly the building that is the most iconic and most often photographed, the White Mill Heritage Centre also has a number of outbuildings. These were used by the Millers family for accommodation, including a miller’s cottage, laundry and cow shed. There are exhibits showing how the miller and his family lived and you will be quite surprised by some of the toys and games the children used to play, which are little changed. The “out of town” light industrial estate is not a new invention, the Mill was the centre of a small estate with workshops, a forge, wheelwrights and cobblers. Some of these buildings are still in working order sometimes still used by modern day craftsmen using the same methods and equipment. Others have displays showing some of the equipment that would have been used.

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Take time while you’re there to climb up inside the windmill (dare you climb to the top?), and browse the museum. See you there… If anyone wanting to participate, show off your skills, craftsmanship, art or generally loon about, let know asap! For location and contact details, visit our contact page. Thank you!

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